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I have been using the IPS download system for many years. My members are happy with the download system except for a few things I am going to list. IPB has always been really good with the download system which is why I continue to use the product. In my opinion, no other product can deliver what IPB does with the download system. It seems that it is a forgotten thing with all companies. 

Anyway, let me post what I think and hear needs to be improved. 

The 1st is, although I have fixed it on my site the "Featured Files" on the main page needs to be fixed so the buttons fully show. Some experienced Admins can fix this themselves but they shouldn't have too. This should be clean straight out of the box. 


The next is, why do I have to review a file and download it for it to show on "Top Submitters" block? 


Also, it would be nice to have the latest file image shown in "All Categories" in downloads. 


These are just a few things I feel and members feel need improvement. More stats are always welcome as members have posted that stats are lacking. More stats with blocks would be a great. I have been doing downloads with sites for many many years. If staff have questions how IPS could improve it, please PM me and ask. I have more ideas but do not wish to post them.

Thank you. :) 

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