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Gallery Share Links Removed in 4.x?


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I just noticed that the share links are no longer present once we upgrade to 4.x


I am heavily dependent on the Image Link URL for integrating my IPGallery images into my IPContent databases. Take for example the following link....


This URL structure is 99% static, the only aspect you need to change to call a new image is the image ID



This was great, because it was very easy to instruct my members to look for this ID and then just enter that 3-5 digit number into a field in my IP Content Databases to get an image to "attach" to a database record. Now the entire reason I had to go down this path was because of the poor integration between IPGallery and IPContent. Back in 3.x the IPContent had the field type of "Shared Media", now you would think that would solve my problem. However when the "Shared Media" field was chosen, it only gave you the ability to choose media that you were the author of. My IPGallery has over 11,000 images that can be used within IPContent. Now even the Shared Media field type has been removed from 4.x. So I am stuck with the following options....

1) Dump the database section of my IPGallery to a CSV, open it in Excel and mass generate the new URL structures. Then do a mass SQL query to replace the values in my IPContent Databases....


with this monstrosity....


2) Create a new field type of Upload, and have my member upload "copies" of what already exists in my IPGallery (not happening)

3) Hope someone develops a mod to tie the Gallery and Pages section


You would think that there would be default content fields that could call the IPGallery. :(


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