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Gabriel Touchette

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Not tried it but I think the easiest way would be to use an RSS import Wordpress widget, and set it to use an Activity Stream RSS feed (one that is suitable for guests).


RSSImport seems like it would do the job. Just configure your custom all Activity Stream first that only includes forums with topics visible to guests, then import the RSS feed of that stream into the widget.

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Great question,

Awhile back I wanted to display recent posts from one of my forums in my Wordpress site (on a page vs a widget) and found the RSS feed from my activity streams worked great! You can see an example at one of my sites here - http://casualadultgamers.com/

I wanted the feed to show up in the homepage, and after trying different RSS plugins I decided on FEEDZY RSS Feeds by b*web (which should also work for widgets?)

If you're interested, the code I use on my page is below:

[feedzy-rss feeds="http://newworldforums.com/discuss/index.php?/discover/30.xml" max="20" feed_title="no" target="_blank" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="85" thumb="yes" default="http://CasualAdultGamers.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/04/CAG-Avatar-1201.jpg" size="50" ]

Hope this helps,


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