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IP.Downloads > How to support files via url?

Danny Glover

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As you know, the IP.Downloads module supports uploading files from your computer.

However, in some cases I need to link to a file on a server instead, for bandwidth reasons. Is this possible via an extension/plugin?

I looked on the marketplace, but didn't find what I was looking for.


Some example use cases would be:

Linking to a file on Amazon S3, but allowing the user to go through the normal download flow (require login etc)

Linking to file on another server, and the same as above.


Thank you

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7 hours ago, Joel R said:

This is built in option to IP.Downloads.  

Just pretend to create a new file and you will see an option to link to URL.  Make sure membergroup has permissions.  

Hey Joel, can you elaborate on that?

When I go to add a new file to my downloads section, there is only an option to upload a file via my computer. I cannot move past that screen without uploading something. After that screen I don't see any option to link to a URL for a file either.

Also, I don't see the permission setting for allowing url links for downloads anywhere in the admin cp, and i've looked everywhere. Where is it located?

Thank you

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