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Load Website within custom page

Aleksandrina Petkov

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I'm trying to load EDKP within IPS on our gaming community site. I want to load the site within a custom page and let users stay on that page to view all the pages within that site. I have attempted this with an iframe but I don't know if I'm doing the code of even on the right section to make it. Currently, we have forums and pages installed. I have pasted the code below but I don't know exactly what section of the website I should be putting the code into. Pages? Blocks? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The height and width along with the overflow stying isn't important, I just need to get it to show.


<iframe src="http://dragyourhalo.xyz/eqdkp/index.php" width="1088" height="1088" scrolling="no" style="overflow:show; margin-top:-4px; margin-left:-4px; border:none;"></iframe>


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