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I like how THIS forum (InvisionPower) is laid out in a Traditional List - but also the categories can collapse and expand, and the topics within each category are listed each on their own separate line.  My forum is setup in Traditional List view with categories, but my topics are not on individual lines, they are listed all together separated with commas.... and categories are not collapsible.  How can I set mine up like this one?

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2 hours ago, Knights Armor said:

So I just restored the Theme to default but still doesn't look the same ^_^  Here is a screenshot of what it is doing in the forum list (grouping the topics all together on one line instead of separating)... how do I fix that?


Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 5.37.52 PM.png

Those are sub forums of the parent. You need to make them parents. E.g. make "site announcements" no longer a child of "welcome". If you want it on another line.

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