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Show recurring price on store overview


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Currently, if you have multiple different subscription frequencies that are all set to add to the price, the cheapest one is displayed on the overview in commerce, without any indication of how often you have to pay that. This means that if you have two different tiers (such as "Regular Widgets" and "Platinum Widgets"), and Regular are only available with monthly or yearly subscriptions while Platinum can be bought weekly as well, Regular looks more expensive than Platinum, because the monthly regular price is higher than the weekly platinum price.

This simple plugin solves that by calculating the lowest pro rata cost of the subscription based on an interval of your choice, and displaying that instead.

Note that this plugin only applies to products that are $0, but then have the subscription price added, and only if there is more than one subscription period available to choose from.


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Just now, EmpireKickass said:

seems not to be working at my end, added it and changed each settings an nope 

Are your products set to have a price of $0, then the subscription is set to add to the purchase price? If the base price isn't $0, the plugin doesn't do anything, because to say that it's $5 per month, then when you view it you find that it's $5 per month plus $200 up front, didn't seem like something that should be enabled all the time.

Also, if each product only has one subscription frequency, they will just have the base price displayed without the frequency, but that is something that I could change if there are enough people who have it set up like that and would like it to pro rata it then.

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