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vBulletin 5 to IPB: Redirecting URLs


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Hi everyone! ^_^

We are doing a test install for my site http://www.anxietycommunity.com, we've done the actual conversion (on a test site) but are having issues redirecting the URLs from vB5 to IPB.

There's one issue I think it could be, when I started the forum, I changed the category URL structure (in vB5 you can change the category URLs without a plugin)

So for example...

http://www.anxietycommunity.com/forum/recovery/member-journals (default vb5 url structure)

redirects to 

http://www.anxietycommunity.com/forum/member-journals (My version)

So my question is, could this be what could be causing the problem..? If so, what would be the best solution..?

Hope you can help,

thanks! ^_^   

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