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 On IPS4, how would I go about allowing members to edit their own gallery images, but not giving them blanket permission to edit any of their own content on the whole site? We had those permissions in IPB 3.4, and we put them to good use. I see the "Can Edit Own Content?" option, but I'd prefer not to allow that... We used to allow members to edit their own posts until more than one decided to use that to remove the content of all of their posts, destroying the flow of conversation in hundreds of topics.


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On 9/11/2016 at 4:23 PM, Joel R said:

Not possible.  

Please yell at @Lindy in Product Feedback until they correct this travesty of a mistake. 

Yikes! That's kind of a big deal on my community... We've had members go rogue and edit hundreds of their posts in a single night, changing all the content to "DELETED!", so we don't allow editing of posts past the time specified in the AdminCP... At the same time, we have always allowed the editing of gallery captions since there is less of a potential for a member to destroy the structure of a detailed conversation in there.

Thanks for the info!

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