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Allowed HTML in posts


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Hey! I have found that it's not propiate to allow members to post HTML in thiur posts due to possible infecions of the board. But it is then possible to create custom HTML templates that are allowed and that users can only use these? For example say that I have a "Buy Now" HTML button that I'd like members to be able to post in their topics. What I mean is that members can only post certain allowed HTML codes (made by me) and no others? If you get what I mean?

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18 minutes ago, opentype said:

It depends on how much information the members should be able to add. You can add custom buttons to the editor where users input 1 or 2 values and then the HTML snippet is created. 

ACP → Customization → Editor → Toolbars → Add Button → Custom

thanks! However since it's Buy Now the member will have their individual link insterted in the button. Anyway sto customize that?

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