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Ckeditor rotate image


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Image are very important on my forum (it is about coins collecting).

Most of my user are posting images like this one : 


So I would be very interested by a rotate clockwiste or counter clockwise function.

A rotation with the help of the mouse, because a rotation like 90° or 180° doesn't not fit.

I tried this plugin : http://ckeditor.com/addon/imagerotate 
But I can't make it working

Is somebody using a plugin or a solution to do that ?

I would pay for it if needed.





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On 26/10/2016 at 5:40 PM, Tracy Perry said:

That add-on has some restrictions on how it will work

  • data uri images
  • images hosted on same domain as editor
  • remote images, which have CORS enabled headers

If it doesn't meet one of those requirements then it won't work from my reading of it's blurb.

Sorry, I forgot this topic :unsure:

I am sure I respect this restriction : images hosted on same domain as editor

For the two others, I don't know :whistle:

Do you think there is others solutions ? It it possible to create a IPS plugin to do that ? I would pay $$ for it :)

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