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Commerce: Change Member Group After Subscription Expires

Joy Rex

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In the old Subscriptions module, you could have the member revert to their prior member group OR select a member group for them to move to after the subscription expires.

In 3.4.x Nexus, there is no option for them to move to a specific member group (that I can find); only revert to their prior group, which potentially opens up a hole where the member could gain an "eternal subscription" by buying one package, then upgrading to another package, and when the second package expires, they revert to the initial package.

I haven't tested this fully, but I am wondering if Commerce allows you to choose which member group a member is moved to when a subscription package expires.

Anyone using Commerce with subscriptions can confirm this to be the case, or what is the best way to accomplish this so they revert to a group where there is an incentive to re-subscribe?

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Oh, wait - in reading your response again, that is exactly what Nexus has - I want to move them to another group after their subscription expires (in my case, back to a "Validating" group that cannot post or reply to topics) so they must re-subscribe to regain posting abilities.

Subscriptions had the ability to choose what group they go to after their subscription expires - Nexus and (apparently) Commerce do not have this ability...

I bet the Automation Rules addon could do this... but why not a core IPS app?

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