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[PAID] Custom Field for (CMS) Pages Databases


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I've never done one of these before, and I'm not sure how this works. But here goes... IPS say their pages application is more customisable than ever in 4.x, I want to put that to the test.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for a modern multiple selection field that can handle lots of different items (at least 90+), that can be easily used on both mobiles and desktops alike. I'm looking at using this in a preferences page, which means it needs to able to handle varying degrees of customisable choices within that option, such as (I love this, I like this, Meh, I don't like this, I hate this) and to make this slightly more complicated each choice within the field would need to have a description of what we define as that object. If you can make a better version than my concept ideas by all means try it, I'm not an expert at responsive coding. Here is a mock up I did in MSPaint, of what the user would see when filling out the record:


  • Field Title - Is the name of field, this will be used later in the actual record.
  • Field description - This isn't used in the record later, but is used to tell the person filling out the form what it's about.
  • Feelings - This will be used to separate the data into easily readable chunks later. The context of feelings can change from field to field so this needs to be customisable when creating the field for the CMS in the Database. They will be the categories in which the record displays the items. Perhaps colour coded or something that easily separates what they mean no matter how deep in the record's creation you are. You will only be able to tick one at a time per category, so if say for example you click Feeling 1 on Item 1, then decide to click feeling 2, it should untick feeling 1 automatically and tick feeling 2. If someone doesn't tick it, it doesn't appear in the record view.
  • Items - These will be listed on the Record in the selected Feeling categories. 
  • Item Description - These again tell the person filling out the field what they mean. They will be used later in the records, but invisible until you say hover a mouse over them, or tap them on a mobile device, perhaps in a similar way to this: ACP <-- Notice how if you hover over it it says what it means. Perhaps it's optional, I'm not sure. But when creating the actual field it should display very clearly under the item.
  • Tick Boxes - This will separate the items into categories. 

So in the records, it could be displayed as something like this:


If someone doesn't have anything for say... for 'Feeling 5', then 'Feeling 5' shouldn't appear either, after all it'd be redundant.

What's wrong with what IPS provides for?

Currently Invision's checkbox set makes a long list that leaves lots of white space, in a form when filling it out. The only ones I've noticed that comes close to what I'm looking for are:

  • Select boxes - You see four options, you have to scroll down and on desktops you have have to hold down CTRL to make a multiple selection. Although it can handle large amount of "Items" without screwing up.
  • Checkbox Set - Makes a one column list of check boxes which is looks ugly. On top of that it seems to be limited by characters for the field key, so if you go and make ninety options for example with 4 character long field keys, it'll cut out and the last key after a character limitation which displays in the record view. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but it's doesn't work for what I want anyway.
  • All choices - I can't separate them, which means for each 'Feeling' I have to make repeated fields, of which the person can select Item 1, for example for all of them. 
  • As far as I am aware there is no modification that allows you to this. This is both original and unique.

What this needs to be able to do on top of what I've said

  • It needs to be useful, functional and UI friendly on both Desktops and Mobile Devices. It doesn't have to be fancy, it can use the IPS CSS for all I care. It just needs to look presentable and work.
    • It needs to be able to work on custom skins (For example: IPSFocus)
  • Needs to be able to handle lots of items, without cutting out when displayed in record.
    • Needs to be separated into categories. So multiple field tables don't need to be made for different choices.
    • Still be useable in a database page. So that I can use it in conjunction with other fields to make a preferences page.
  • Be able to remove things from both items and feelings that are unused by the person filling out the record. In record view.
  • To be as IPS Update friendly as possible. I know that's not always possible straight away, but if you're putting it on the market place and are charging people for it, I expect it to be kept up-to-date, and supported.
  • To be as customisable as possible, in terms of text that goes into it, such as 'Feelings' and their choices, 'Items' and their descriptions, etc. This increases the possibilities of where it can be used.
  • To be able to set up as many or as few 'Feeling' categories as the Administrator likes. 

Useful for

  • Dating Forums - As potential matches can select their personal, romantic or sexual preferences.
  • Music or Movie Forums - People can pick what genre's of music or films they like.
  • Coding sites - Where items would be like 'C+', 'HTML5', 'PHP' etc, and 'Feelings' might be Skill/Adapt level.
  • And so on...

Lets talk Money...

I'm operating on a tight budget, but that said if this is going to be a unique mod (IE; Just for me and no one else) then I'll rightfully pay more for it especially for support and updated new versions, I might need to pay for it in installments but that's the price you pay for unique custom work. If we're going down this route; you may not sell it on the marketplace.

However! I really don't mind if you put this is on the market place as long as I merely 'Sponsor' you in coding it, at a more reasonable rate of course, the more reasonable the better. If it's put up on the market place I expect the modification to be updated and for it to be supported, seeing as it will most likely be charged for with renewal fees, so this is not unreasonable. You may price at whatever you want to price it at, and I do not expect to be paid a share for it, ever, as you coded it.

PM me to negotiate your fees and/or terms. I am open minded so if I have stated anything that is unreasonable call me out on it and we'll discuss.

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