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So, I'm working on a project with someone and they want to have a 'screenshots' field. So I'm trying to use Page's field : Upload. I currently have two problems with this.


#1 - You can't limit how many screenshots / images can be uploaded. 


#2 - My second issue revolves around displaying the uploaded images. I'm trying to get the images that were uploaded (field value) in each separate box. My current code:

    {{if $screenshotsField = $record->customFieldsForDisplay('screenshots')}}

        {{foreach $screenshotsField as $fieldId => $fieldValue}}
            {{if $fieldValue}}
                        {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('server-screenshots', 'display')|raw}

Changing {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('server-screenshots', 'display')|raw} -----> {$fieldValue|raw}. doesn't work either. 


So, is there any way to solve problem 1 & 2? 


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