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Menu issues after upgrading

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I have just upgraded my forum to version The process worked apparently fine, but after trying to upgraded version, I seem to have troubles to use a few menu options that I can't use. Particularly these two:


This behavior seems to repeat in any kind of "scroll down" menus, such as the 'Moderation options' in the topics. Also, the little 'Manage Blocks' rectangle in the left side of the window is not working either. What I mean when I say 'not working' can mean two things, depending on the browser:

Chrome: I click on them and nothing happens. The URL changes to whatever it was + #linkname, but nothing happens. 

Safari & Firefox: I click on them, the menus appear but I can't make them go away of them unless I click in one of the links. This happens with the header menus, with the 'manage blocks' thing, nothing happens.

The other issue I've noticed, is the quick reply is not working. The text box is not editable and there is no button to go to 'advanced reply options'. 

Here's how it looks in Chrome:


And here's how it looks in both Firefox and Safari:


You try to click in those "textboxes", but nothing happens.


I don't know if these issues are even related, but I would appreciate if someone could even point me into what to look for. Thanks in advance. 


EDIT: The 'new topic' page doesn't even have a textbox:


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