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Embedding links has stopped working


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The option for internal links to embed (ie posting a link to a gallery or download file in a forum post) has stopped working on my site.  I just get a normal txt link without the embed and option to display as link instead.

acp > system > posting > automatically embed links?

... Is turned on, so are there any other setting that control this that might have been turned off please?

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No, there shouldn't be. 

Do you see any errors in the javascript console for your browser before/when/after you paste it? (Developer tools -> tab "Console" in some browsers)

Another investigation point would be to open developer tools in your browser, go to the network tab, and then paste in an URL in the editor that should be embedded.  An URL like ?do=embed should show up in the network tab, click on it and check if there's any errors in the response. 


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