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Rules (or anything else) before posting


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I am a user of stackoverflow site. They have a very nice feature on their editor.

When you click on it to reply to a post (for example), it automatically display a pop up showing some rules.

As my english is poor, I show you a video : 

I could pay 100$ for it (and you could add it to the marketplace)

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Thank you!

It is near what I am looking for but not exactly.

On stackoverflow, the message is shown only when user click on the editor.
If the text is always shown, most of user won't read it.

The javascript effect on clicking on the editor put the eyes on the message.

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You already made it ? ^_^

Is it possible to set (it could be done for a next version) :

- different message per forum
- show message to selected groups
- the message could have bold text, colour text, smilies... 
- One message per langage (I think it is a core function)

What is your price for this plugin ?

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