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forum notices the way vbulletin has them (paid or free)


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we are looking at a plugin that will help us continue working with the forum notices that we already have been using at vbulletin for years. 

the forum notice option is something vbulletin has in its suite, its not a plugin

but unfortunately eventhough IBP has notifications, it has them  collapsed  (see image)

and it wont show them to the member in a correct way.

support suggested id use advertising slots,  if i want the html to appear

but this is not something i want since its not something that will help when mixed with the   real advertising tags that will serve,

plus the existing notices are too many. 

we know our members wont read something unless it has some image and is  a bit larger.  we have moms /dads as audience and this makes them not want to open   simple text notifications.


we either need a plugin that will transform the existing notifications   of IBP  to     non-collapsible forum notices the way vbulletin has them,  (see image)


a new plugin. 

in the attachment you can see the many notices we have to serve to our members (thats just  the top part, its a long list),  they are legal , medical news, and also sponsorships involving our role as sponsors for events for mom /dads or other NGOS. 

they have to be put there via html.    vbulletin has just the window that you put the html in, without a preview. but thats ok, i have a test section where i preview them live there. 

the options now available are ,    

  • active/inactive,
  • dissmisible (can be turned off) or not ,
  • persistant (shows all the time) or not(shows once per visit)

you can have them show to all forum or to certain sections

plus you can  "chain" them,

i.e. show  3 only when 2 isnt shown,  show 2 when 1 isnt shown /has been dismissed   etc. 

so every user sees the notifications in a row and  not in a huge huge long scroll. 

it also has many criteria as to   "show to members haveing x posts, or havent logged in x days "   

basically i never thought that ibp wouldnt have this option, and cant understand why the normal notifications dont show html  before clicking on them. 

We want our users to see them plain straight. If they are a click away we have lost the user and the impression we sometimes need when we place pixel trackers on them (sponsorship).   

So i am stuck because this is a MUST for us.  (And we have 2 ipb licences already in testing phase,  & we like them ! )

any ideas ?  Please help! 

Thank you in advance!!!! 








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thank you so much !! :smile:, i will take a look at it.  it has many many options,

and as i realised it also could automatically take content from a certain forum.  

but what i didnt see is that it wont take html , it takes a picture and a title only,  if i saw correctly from the images. 

we need to be able to to insert a pixel tracker too with the formatting.   maybe it can be done, i ll contact the developer! 



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next question w ould be following: 

@Adriano Faria

thank you again,    i hope maybe you can help with this question  - that is a re-think of the same request. maybe this can be done easier. 

IPb has the Announcements feature at the ModCP,  which unfortunately shows the announcements by default in a collapsed manner,

i.e. you can put any html you want, but the member only sees the title and one line of text and only sees the html design after clicking on it. 

this is a big no no for us since we want announcements with pixel trackers and we want them to appear straight away (no click in between).

is there an existing plugin - can someone make one 

of  the existing announcements feature of ipb

to additionally 

a) not let them collapse while showing to the member  i.e. the member doesnt have to click on it to see the html  (permanent setting)

b) be dismissible from the member / or not      (check box)

b) add the option to have the announcement  appear:

-once per visit  (checkbox)
-if the member has 0-50 posts or hasnt logged in in x days (fill in blank with number of posts .  or days)
-appear only if   x announcement is not shown .   
this will chain the announcements to show one after another.  You check  the announcment name that you want to be previously shown from a dropdown dynamic list of existing announcement names)

[these are the options i have at vbulletin 3.8 - for years-  without any plugin or other change]

i think this will be the best sollution.....

is there someone to make such a plugin ? we are willing to pay for it  

or I would have to make my very busy associate make it , who is not familiar with the ibp. 

Id rather not make him work more and pay for the plugin if someone makes it. 

thank you in advance for EVERY TIP ! 




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