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New FEATURE (Gag someone without them knowing)


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As an owner for a long time of IPB, there's some people that you can NEVER get rid of.  I have 2 on my forums that come back and back -- around and around -- as they spoof their IP address, email addresses -- and you can never really ban them.  I'd like to see a FEATURE much like Facebook where you can HIDE all their posts to everyone EXCEPT whoever is FOLLOWING them.  So they think they aren't banned -- and posting -- yet nobody really sees them except their own friends!

I think this would be a GREAT FEATURE to add to IPB!



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Depending on what version you use, here are the solutions I have used:

IPB 3.x (I currently use)

IPB 4.x (I plan on using)


The Duplicate Members Logger (the first one) works very well to keep trolls out of the forum, and will flag users when dupes are detected. It uses a Flash cookie to "tag" machines, so it obviously won't work on mobile devices, or users who block Flash. The 4.x addon AFAIK does not use Flash, but uses PHP features to do similar.

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