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How to decide which rating system to use


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How to decide  which rating system to use


I watch that here there is also the   like (heart) button on the right, 

but also the possibility to vote up or down. 

I guess this is something thats customised since the system admin allows you just to choose between rating systems. - right? 

I know what they mean and how they work, 

but i d like to perhaps know the reasons why you would choose the one or the other?

is there an existing discussion on that perhaps? 

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It depends on your particular Board "culture". My board is going on 15 years old and was recently converted to IPS with the rating system functions. I decided to disable all ratings except for the simple Like function. Rating Members went against my particular boards philosophy that all Members and their participation were equal and important regardless of post count, eloquence and personality. Rating Members was contrary to that goal. I only kept the Like function because I was and am sick of Members constantly comparing the Board to Facebook and asking why the board didn't have a Like button. 

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