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Updated file versions then patch error confusion.


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It happens that once in a while somethings breaks/don't function as supposed to be, ok no problem can happen.
You guys then quickly come with a (single) file modification and after uploading that, things work again. That is until the next update when the updater doesn't like the modified file. The file IPS modified to be clear, which results in a error message on the update page:


Some of the files were not as expected. They may have been manually modified or not uploaded correctly.

In the past I could say "fnug it" and hit the continue button and the update just proceeded fine.

Today I could not "fnug it" to my dismay. The file that wasn't liked was the Donation.php file, modified by IPS to make the donation count work again, (which in my case didn't work (at least it doesn't count the total donated at the moment, just newly donations it seems) but I had hoped it would be fixed today.

Anyway, I was 'told' to manually update the bunch (which makes me not happy). Especially because the offending file is confusingly not in the update/patch package:


I think, I hop back to an old back up and drop the unmodified 'Donation.php' file back in and all is well. Nope didn't work, the 'continue' button won't let me continue. So I download the patch, I manually move all the required files, one by one by hand, over the FTP into their desired destination and hit the 'continue' button.


I close the ACP window, log back in and get a message that the updated files are there but not installed, I hit install and things work as things should.

So I have a few questions, if you don't mind. :smile:

- Why does the updater stall on a file it doesn't update, especially as you guys are responsible for updating it in the first place? More important, can't you fix this?
- Why does the updater not let me update when all files are in place but forces me to log out/in of the ACP and of course can't you fix this? 
- How do I fix the Donation amount back to its original sum before it broke?

Thank you. ^_^

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