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Font Awesome Icons missing after


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Is anyone else having an issue with font awesome icons missing when signed out as shown is the attached image.  After signing in the problem is still present until you refresh the page.  I've cleared my cache browser and ACP side which hasn't helped.  This occurs on all themes including the default theme.


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Short version: Your default url is www.nwraid.net, which is unsecure.

Everything works when I manually enter and go to:


Go into conf_global.php in the main IPS directory of your site and find this line:

  'base_url' => 'http://localhost/ips4themes/',

That's just taken from a dev install I have on my machine.

set that to say

'base_url' => 'https://www.nwraid.net/',

Provided you have ssl and all that going on, which you do as I see there is a valid cert, that should fix it. IPS has been hardening the security over the last few releases and this is probably related. The problem is in your config, not with IPS software.


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Your signature link here forces just www.nwraid.net. You should change that for one.

Otherwise, you'll need to move further up the chain to tackle this now. Your DNS record with whatever name service you use. Check those out.

Also you may need an htaccess file to force people over onto the secure linkage by default.

If I append https:// onto your site name everything works fine even as guest, since the conf_global file is set correctly that means you need to tighten up what your server allows as far as connecting site names. You need to set it so anyone typing in nwraid.net goes to https://nwraid.net. For people coming in with just www.nwraid.net, it has to be changed to https://www.nwraid.net and so on.

tldr; IPS has tightened up security and mixing secure and unsecure content doesn't fly anymore. You need to force everyone onto the secure if you are using secure settings.

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