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You do not have permission to manage the sidebar


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  • 10 months later...

This was most likely triggered by said guest adding the php function trigger on your url: www.yourdomain.com/?_blockManager=1

Few possibilities
A curious crawler
This may of been triggered by you while in the block manager. This happens when your cookies are removed or expire. Check the IP to confirm this.
This also could of been a malicious attempt by a member but regardless this doesn't really pose an inanimate threat unless you have custom blocks. 

I suggest just double checking the IP of the guest who triggered it. Could of been an accident or as said above a curious crawler.

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@Chris027 With custom blocks you pose the risk of said persons adding an html redirect or just completely defacing your website using html/php scripts.

Let's double check your permissions.

1) In your ACP navigate to Members -> Moderators
2) Go through every group listed and ensure Can manage sidebar? permission node is toggled off. Do this for every group that shouldn't have said access.

Once that's done there's really nothing more you can do. The error was generated after a permission_denied event which clearly indicates said member has no permissions. He was either being curious or it was a member with block management access whom logged out.

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