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Nexus Subscription with recurring payment AND end date?

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We sell advertising to businesses on our IPB-based community.  Depending on the level of advertising purchased, the cost to the business (customer) can add up to a fairly significant amount over the course of a year.

We would like to make available to our customers the option to buy a subscription via Nexus that has both:

  1. A recurring monthly payment (Let's just say it is $100 for easy math)
  2. An end date or expiration at which time the subscription will terminate (say... December 31st of 2016).

I know that we can set up recurring  payments via the payment gateways.  I have already done that in the past for Stripe and PayPal.  And I know that I can set up the duration of a subscription for 30-days.  The one thing I cannot seem to be able to do in Nexus is set an end date in conjunction.  I cannot specify that the customer should not continue to be billed again after 12 monthly cycles.

Does anyone know how I can set this up in Nexus?  Is there an add-on that I haven't found yet that does this?


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