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Adsense type Page-Level Ads


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I was not aware of Adsense Page-Level Ads to tell the truth till I visited Adsense yesterday. After a small info I was able to put the code on my globalTemplate and now I can see the google ads pop up at the bottom of my site on smart mobile devices which is cool . This  made me think ;

"I wish that kind of apps were also possible in Advertisements out-of-the-box for those ads that our site gets explicitly."

I mean when I try make an agreement with a company to display their ad, that would be great and more profitable for me if I had an option to display those kind of ads in Page-Level-Ads type.

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10 hours ago, maddog107_merged said:

Did you do anything special to get it to work? The vignette ads work but the ad pop up at the bottom does not display even after adding #googleads to my URL. Strange :(

On my site it is just the opposite. Vignettes do not work but pop ups (anchors) do. I have a sidebar google ad which I believe is causing the error I get when I try to preview

"The Page-level ad tag was not the first ad loaded on page"

Note: I have removed it and the error on preview disappeared but still vignettes do not work :(

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