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Content/Databases, allow grouping of databases


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This is a two-fold request.

First one is easy enough, grouping so that the view within the ACP is easier to look/sort through.  If someone has multiple (but related) databases, it would make it easier to manage them if they are in the same area as they would all be together.

Second one, a bit tougher and understandable if not implemented.  A way to link the database group to a page.  Similar to the {database} tag on a page now, just each database would branched off to it's own URL within it, sort of like categories within a database.  Difference being that there wouldn't be a global list of categories or filters or anything that would span all the databases, would be more like an automatically generated page of links to the actual individual database pages, which could either be in the same URL structure or a custom one.

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