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Making plugins / apps?

Hunter Lyons

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So I've been looking around as I'd like to work some on some custom plugins, and I can't really find much documentation / really any explanation of how the process works. I see I found the 'Creating plugins' and 'Creating applications' guides... but both are empty... Are there any resources for would-be devs?

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First things first you'll need to have a dev install read this:

After that, you can create a new plugin from ACP > System > Site Features > Plugins.

To start, I recommend that you do this tutorial:

It's a very simple plugin but it will introduce you to the framework.

The thing that confused me the most about IPS was figuring out what classes to overload. I was told to go as HIGH as you possibly can, that way if other apps use the same methods, it won't affect them.

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