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  1. What are you talking about? If the group is selected in the plugin settings, it will show the user is the list.
  2. Uninstall and then reinstall it.
  3. Hmm, that's interesting. Can you re-install the plugin?
  4. The permissions are under Members > Moderators > {select group/member} > Forums. There are two options, Can mark topic as sold? and Can umark topic as sold?. If the permissions aren't set for the moderator user/group then if you're not the topic creator the buttons won't show up.
  5. That is correct, the topic would only be visible to the ones who can see them. There's no need to add an option to move the topic since a user with the right permissions can already do that. Everything is showing and functioning properly, make sure you've selected a forum and setup the permissions correctly.
  6. File has been updated! Enjoy!
  7. That would explain it, sorry about that. I'll have an update for the plugin soon.
  8. @Simon Woods if you hover over the clear link, does it have a csrf parameter?
  9. It's because the CSRF token isn't being added into the url. Do you have friendly urls enabled or disabled?
  10. Disable the plugin for now, and I'll try to take a look this weekend.
  11. I'll take a look at that when I can, are there any errors in the logs related to the plugin? Thanks!
  12. This plugin still works and doesn't need an update for 4.2.x.
  13. Plugin has been updated, enjoy!
  14. I got busy moving on Friday and still haven't finished unpacking. I will try to get it done during my lunch today.
  15. Confirmed, it still works for 4.2.
  16. Plugin has been updated!! Enjoy!
  17. @sound this is actually going to have to wait until the weekend. There should be an option on each plugin to update or install a new version.
  18. I should be able to update the plugin tonight with that option. I'll keep you posted.
  19. @sound are you talking about in this area?
  20. Plugin has been updated! Enjoy!
  21. Plugin has been updated to work with 4.2!
  22. I'm gonna take this weekend to update a lot of my plugins to work with 4.2.
  23. Plugin has been updated for 4.2! Enjoy!
  24. Interesting that I didn't see it in the News, thank you for letting me know! Plugin will be updated when I get home tonight.
  25. 4.2 has not been released, it's only in beta. I have the plugin update for 4.2, but I'm testing it to make sure it works properly.
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