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Rebuilding thumbnails work in IP.Content database articles?


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I am using a database with IP.Content which is set to display records in a blog-like fashion on my homepage. Seeing as how some of the displayed thumbnails are way too big, I decided it would be best to have thumbnails resized to 270 x 270, by editing the Max Images Dimension To Display to 270 x 270 and clicked the Rebuild Exisiting Images link.

It says the conversion will be done in the background and nothing else shows to confirm that the conversion has been completed.

I go back to my homepage, refresh the screen and the thumbnails still do not appear to be resized. I cleared all cache data on my browser to include images, restarted the browser and still, the images do not appear to be resized.

Does the resizing also work with IP.Content and databases or does this rebuilding only apply to images shown in the forums? 

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