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Attachment upload size - Local vs S3


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Edit, I guess this should be moved to the product feedback forum.



I'm uploading an attachment in a commerce product. But...

1: I set the Storage Settings for attachments to be stored locally, max upload size is controlled by nginx's client_max_body_size. In this scenario, everything works just fine, even to upload a 2 gigs file.

2: I use an Amazon S3 bucket. As soon as I enable S3 for attachments, php limitations take place in the upload process, and I see the size limitation in the upload dialog, while in scenario 1 nothing about the upload size limitation is displayed. I tried increasing post_max_size and upload_max_filesize, but for some reason I can't get it to process it.


So anyway, my server works just fine in scenario 1... why things change when you enable S3 for attachments?

This is making it impossible for me to work with large files. I can't really use scenario 1 because my sever's space is very limited, that's why I wanted to use S3.

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