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Profile song needs updating,


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I have requested meany times to the author to update the plugin to my needs and definitely other clients would wanted that option as well.

I got the plugin for my VIPs only and the plugin doesn't have the permission group option. I want to able to have a option on who can view, use and who can play.

so my VIPs will have the permissions to have it on their profile and semi/banned group won't have the permissions to listen to the song.


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I'm sorry, I have nothing to do with it, never used the resource or even don't know the developer, but you can't simply come here and request someone else to TAKE AWAY the resource from a dev just because he didn't want to make it fit your needs. It's up to the dev decide if he will add or remove things to the resource, not to you, just because you bought it. A resource is what it is discribed. If you bought it, you agreed with it. If you wanted something, you should have asked before buy and only buy after the dev adds what you need.

You can hire someone else to make a SIMILAR resource to you. You can't offer this resource as a base or request someone to update it, since this seems to be an acitve and still supported resource on Marketplace. Any problem regarding this, report the file to the Marketplace moderator.

Things can't happen that way, otherwise it will be come a TRUE mess! People will start to steel other's job just because John Doe don't want to add a setting here or there. You must have a minimum of respect for the dev's work.

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