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Add an application to the menu?

Lori Nelson

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  1. Go to your ACP
  2. Look under Site Features
  3. Click on Menu Manager
  4. Click on Add Item

When you click on Add Item it opens up all sorts of options to choose from.  You can also click on the ones that are currently listed and see how they were set up. 

After you have set the settings for the item that you want to add click on Save.  You can drag that new item around on the list to place it where you want as well.  When you are happy with everything you have to remember to look at the top and click on the button "PUBLISH THIS MENU".

Something that I do sometimes is when I am setting up the new item I will set permissions for it only for Administration so as to check it to make sure everything is working correctly and once Im happy with it I go back and adjust the permissions to fit with what I want.  Some sections are only for those member groups that I want the content available for so this is a very handy feature.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.



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