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Cpanel Permissions Changing, Host Site Says It's The CMS

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For the past couple weeks I have been having problems with permissions in cpanel being changed causing Error 500 messages and the site to be down. When I look in public.html, the permissions are being changed from 0750 to 0777 for an unknown reason. I contacted my hosting company and they didn't seem to know what was up, just told me the problem. I contacted Invision and was told to run the latest upgrade which I did and hoped it would solve the problem. However it's still happening and for some reason permissions again were reset to 0777 very late last night causing the Error 500. 

I have been online with the hosting company for the past hour and they are saying its something in the content management system that is causing the permissions to be changed. The best they could do was set up a cron job to make sure permissions are set correctly every hour, but that's just a Band Aid fix. 

Has anyone else had this problem ? What was the root cause ?

I have a support request in with Invision already, but I'm trying to understand this better myself. 

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