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Forums not visible after conversion from phpbb


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i use ipb 4.1 latest.

i used the latest converter tool and converted my phpbb forums latest version 3.1.x

everything went smoothly but forums are not visible in adminpanel or frontend, however they are all there in database.

please help me

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I cant post support as i am testing the install on localhost.

It seems like like a permission problem.

Topic and Posts appears on widgets, but when i click it, it says 

Sorry, there is a problem
You do not have permission to view this content.
Error code: 2F173/H


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Problem solved.

phpbb converter sets parent_id = 0 for forums with no parents,

I changed parent_id = -1 and everything worked!

UPDATE `forums_forums` SET parent_id='-1' WHERE parent_id='0';

After update, all the forums appears in admin panel, I had to manually set member group permissions.

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