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Page Database, deny search

Steffen Loos

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Hi there,

i have a problem, dont know if i do anything wrong or misunderstand the configuration.
My goal is to implement an application page where people can create applications to join our clan. The applications itself should only visible for stuff. 
First problem: If i remove the "View Records" Permission, the applicant will get an error, because after "save" the page tries to show the created application, but cant...
Second problem: I've setup a pages database and on the options tab, i've unchecked "allow searching". Now my expectation is/was, that this database will not be included in searches.
But on the database is still fully searchable and people can see content of the applications on the search result preview.

So my questions are: How can i disable searching a pages database (seems "Allow searching" is not operating?!) and does anyone has an idea how to suppress the error after saving a new application when the permission "View Records" is not given to "non stuff".

Maybe there is a complete better way to achieve a "application form", if so: please explain :-)

Thank you very much in advance,


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