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alt and title attributes for images


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Option of adding unique alt and title attributes to the img tags will dramatically increase site's seo results.

This is usefull for all possible places where img tag is used: attachements, image advertisements, Downloads screenshots, Commerce screenshots, Calendar images, profile cover images, etc.

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The alt attribute for the img tag is missed everywhere on the site which breaks the W3C specifications. Option of adding unique alt and title attributes to the img tags will dramatically increase site's seo results. Whereas absence of this option is decreasing seo results if compared to other software for the web sites.


Quote General guidelines

Except where otherwise specified, the alt attribute must be specified and its value must not be empty; the value must be an appropriate functional replacement for the image. The specific requirements for the alt attribute content depend on the image's function in the page, as described in the following sections.



Quote Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images

Text alternatives, [WCAG] are a primary way of making visual information accessible, because they can be rendered through any sensory modality (for example, visual, auditory or tactile) to match the needs of the user. Providing text alternatives allows the information to be rendered in a variety of ways by a variety of user agents. For example, a person who cannot see a picture can have the text alternative read aloud using synthesized speech.

The alt attribute on images is a very important accessibility attribute. Authoring useful altattribute content requires the author to carefully consider the context in which the image appears and the function that image may have in that context. The guidance included here addresses the most common ways authors use images. Additional guidance and techniques are available in Resources on Alternative Text for Images.


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