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Increase private message limit


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Thanks Cloud,

One more question, with the admin user I can see a bar that says 97% full but then with another user that is a moderator (not admin) I can't see how much is full from the storage quota.

Is this a normal behavior ?

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When I go the inbox with the admin user, I see a progression bar that tells me that 97% of the quota is used. When I go to the inbox with other users, I can't see this bar so I don't know how much quota I'm using.


It seems to be a problem with the groups. I just migrated from phpBB and the user was in a converted group. When I removed the user from that group, the bar appeared. It doesn't seem to happen with other users.


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@Martin1980 you were kind of right.

Even if the group was disabled (can access site: off) the storage quota for this group (by default) is market as unlimited and IPB seems to be checking this and setting up the storage as unlimited.

Not sure if this is the expected behavior or a bug but to me it's weird that the configuration will apply if I didn't even enable this configuration for the group.

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