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Changing Button Colors

Merlin Starfinder

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12 minutes ago, Merlin Starfinder said:

Where do I put this? I am new.

Go to AdminCP -> Customization -> Themes -> {YourTheme} and click the <> edit code link.

Search for "elUserNav" and toggle from Templates to CSS. The file you are looking for should be CSS -> Core -> Framework -> global.css and you'll see various entries. Scroll down global.css until you find the /* USER NAVIGATION */ section, and look for #elUserNav > li > a. You can change the color here....

	#elUserNav > li > a {
		font-size: 13px;
		vertical-align: middle;
		line-height: 1;

I suggest using a browser like Chrome. Right click over the buttons you want to change colors for, and select Inspect Element. You can play around with various values and see live results of the changes. Just know that none of these changes are ever saved. You have to actually edit the template files inside the AdminCP.

Hope this helps!

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