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imgur-hosted images not showing up when posted

Mike M.

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We're running 4.1.7, and for some reason when we post images from imgur (Just using the direct link URL) they don't appear on our forum, we just get a broken image thumbnail.

It seems to just be imgur, for example if someone posts a direct link to a Facebook photo that shows up no problem.

Something I can do to fix this issue? I looked at the source code of the post, I dunno, it looks okay to me.

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4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Probably not - they may have disabled hotlinking, as I can easily reproduce on localhost 4.1.7 and live 3.4.9

Strange, so would that be an issue with our domain specifically, or all Invision boards?

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It would be an issue with the target website, imgur, not allowing hotlinking of the several files that I tested out.

Example on here, using the following url:



Example on localhost, in a simple html file:


<img src="http://i.imgur.com/1FMM1xa.gifv" />


In short - it's not an IPS issue, nor is it specific to your domain.

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