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Background on Articles.

Mike Redman

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Hi there! 

First post here, first time I've had to ask a question.

I've got the content management system on my site which I've only just started using as the primary focus for us is our forum. The one problem I have is the background on the published articles, it doesn't have one, so all that I get is the background that's set for the actual forum template with the article text over the top, this makes it difficult to read. See here 

What I would like is for articles to have the same semi-transparent background as the forum does on my template. Is this easy to do by adding some CSS to the article? I've managed to get a solid grey background on this article. 

The problem with the solid grey is it doesn't change with the forum template, so on my lighter theme it doesn't look quite right. I'm sure with the right CSS I can make this work, but I'm not sure what the right code would be! 

Any suggestions welcome! 


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It doesn't matter anyway, I discovered where to edit the CSS code for the article display and I've managed to alter the template so it places the article inside the type of box I wanted. 

Have to say, it's not too tricky to pick up editing the templates once you start to figure out how they work. 

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