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Error 1S111/1 (Plugins)


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*Can't get rid of this. Thanks IPB for not allowing us to view source.


I'm trying to install the plugin Highlight Authors/Usergroups however, I'm receiving what seems to be a permission error. The error callid is 1S111/1 but I cannot find any resources on the value of this error not any other support requests with that particular error.

When installing the plugin it cycles through the download stages but right before it finishes it displays this error:


After manually navigating back to plugins after the error the plugin is on my list as it would be if it installed properly, however, the plugin does not function at all. I installed this plugin on my test site and it works. I've tried everything from checking my chmod permissions and ensuring the element is not being blocked by my htaccess and everything seems to be in order.

Note that all my other plugins installed and work as intended. The only plugins I have trouble installing on my live board are Highlight Author/Usergroups and Staff Online which are all released by @-RAW- which I find really weird.

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