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Nexus Issue...IPN


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Background: Just purchased Nexus in the last couple months for 3.4.8 to replace the old Subscriptions plugin in prep for upgrading to 4.0. It's been working great so far. However, I just got this email below. Note the word app=Subscriptions in the URL. That should not be running anymore at all after the upgrade. But, something is going on with it apparently?


What's the issue here? Any ideas?



Hello XXXX,


Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing:



If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information. If this problem continues, IPNs may be disabled for your account.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.



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