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IPSFocus themes won't keep their setting after update


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I updated to 4.1.6 yesterday and ever since then none of my IPSFocus themes (Villain, Dimenion and Shift) will keep the settings I plug in.  As an example:

  • The MEGA FOOTER - I set it to 3 columns, save it and if I don't edit again it will work.  BUT if I do edit it, it immediately returns everything to a default (1 column)
  • Background Picker - Same issue as above.  Works after I set it until I edit and then it immediately defaults to 2 images instead of the 4 I have set.

This stuff worked just fine until this update.  Developer says it sounds like an IPB issue.  Anyone have any ideas??

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Pretty sure this is due to the update, whether or not it is a compatibility issue between the theme and IPB or, IPB, or just the theme I do not know.  However, I have a completely separate test installation of IPB in an entirely different place, upgraded to 4.1.6 with it's OWN database and it's still happening there as well.  

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