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Facebook Preview?


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When I link to my board in a Facebook post, it gives me a description of one of my forums, but not necessarily the one I'm linking to. How can I control what is previewed on Facebook when something is shared. I don't really want a gear review snippet when I'm sharing a recipe. Ideally, I'd like it to be a forum image and maybe a snippet of the shared topic itself.

Where is it pulling the preview from? I guess if I know that much, I can change that file and at least try to control what's being displayed on Facebook.

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So are you talking about the board index, forums, or individual topics? The answer will depend. 

In you theme settings you can set up a sharer image, which will be the default for social media sharing:

Make sure that’s present and large enough. 

People are also often problems with Facebook sharing when they don’t use friendly URLs. Do you use that or not?

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I'm sorry, I didn't see you reply until now. I guess my notifications aren't working, either.

I usually want to share an individual thread. When I share one on Facebook, it gives no image, and it gives a forum description that isn't even the main forum of my board. I'm sorry, I know that's totally word salad.
Here's what shows on facebook:


I have friendly URL's enabled.



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