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Image: some of this seems to be corrupt :/


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I've see this in a article database just today...

One thumbs preview corrupt, big file ok!

Also download file, edit with paint to fix, and upload again, still corrupted. Need to upload again for fix!


Now i've upload a big album in gallery, and this is the result:



link removed, im on work for upload again...



why i've this? :/

if randomly some image is corrupted is a big problem for every website :|


thanks in advance for support,




edit: 70 images uploaded, 8 corrupted :ermm:

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edit: removed blanck images, reupload from same screen, n1 ok, 7ok, other ok, but one of this in stall!

no way to stop, nothing... the only way is to refresh page, and 100 hd photo is gone (but still present in ftp) -.-'

i can't recovery, nor delete (except via ftp)! something not work as expected here... :/

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i've found another example: https://laltroweb.it/directory/turismo/tripadvisor-r21/

bad: https://laltroweb.it/uploads/monthly_2015_07/tripadvisor.thumb.png.69ebda320af9afa40ad6263c62368853.png

good: https://laltroweb.it/uploads/monthly_2015_07/tripadvisor.png.7df4b83ee9665277bdebb593fe82c02e.png


same bad image, download and upload in different folder:

work fine: https://laltroweb.it/tripadvisor.thumb.png.69ebda320af9afa40ad6263c62368853.png


please, someone can try to explain this? :|


riedit: ok, in upload folder exist an htaccess with an header to force "as attachment",

i've commented this, and now all files is ok!

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
	#Header set Content-Disposition attachment


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