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When using the "Post a topic when a file is submitted?" feature, is it possible that the actual direct download link can be added to the forum post?

At present, a user sees the forum post, wants to download it but has make another click to then get to the page where they can then click to download, if that makes sense?

Also, when a forum post is made, can there be an option to add the forum link to the Downloads page for that item? For example, to stop discussion regarding the download becoming fragmented, I have disabled commenting on downloads and try to push comments through the forum.

Sure, I can add the link manually to the Download description but if handling many downloads, this can be time consuming,


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On 12/20/2015 at 9:00 PM, Kevin Carwile said:

When you configure a topic to be created for the download, then there is a button which appears on the file page titled "Get Support" which links to the topic. You can of course customize the language for the button to whatever you want.

Superb, thank you.

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