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Error 500 in frontage


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Hello, some hours I go I try to upgrade the web, as I see an error in step 1 I decided to cancel and I uploaded the old files... but I see in all the website (front) error 500 as you can see.

As I don´t find the solution I decided to restore my backup and it´s the same error!!

Please, I have the website off a lot of hours and I don´t know that happens.

Attached image of System Log


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When you "restored your backup" did you make sure that all the files were the same version that they were when the backup was created?  If you are restoring a 4.1.1 backup and the files in place are from 4.1.5, then you will most likely have issues.  That's why I always recommend that when you do a dump of your DB for backup purposes that you also back up the file structure of your site.

If you are trying to copy the old files over the new ones, your best bet would be to rename that directory.  Looks like you are using Apache, so you are also probably using cPanel - so copy the public_html folder over to public.html.broken and then (once you are SURE that the files copied) delete all the associated IPS files from public_html and upload the version that you were on (since you didn't make a master backup prior to the upgrade of the file structure, you will probably need to upload the same version of any add-ons also).

Then import the DB and see if that works.

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