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Commerce - Limit purchase to one?


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Okay, I might be derping here. I swear I saw a post explaining how to do this, but I can't find it anymore.

How does one limit the quantity of how much a 'customer' can buy?

My use case is monthly subscription (trying to set one up). The pesky quantity option is there though.

I had thought the 'fix' was to set a finite quantity (e.g. 99999) and set some other option (can't remember). I remember something about coupons too, but that seems like it's less than ideal for my community. :/

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To only allow a user to purchase 1 of a particular product Edit that product in the ACP > Commerce > Store > Products list.

Go to the tab "Store & Purchase Settings" where there is a toggle near the top named "Allow users to purchase more than one?"


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