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  1. @-RAW- Are you able to integrate this and pull product reviews from the IPS Commerce system to display random reviews about products in the store?
  2. Any news on if/when this will be upgraded for IPS 4+?
  3. Yes, that makes sense for SSL. You'll want to go to the theme section of ACP and click the pencil to edit SimplyPro. On the Front End tab is an image url to imgur that is using a regular http://. You should be able to change that to https:// resolving this issue. http://i.imgur.com/546Nqlb.jpg To https://i.imgur.com/546Nqlb.jpg
  4. Please use this topic for support and recommendations for my IPS theme: This is a simple and professional feeling theme for Invision Power Suite 4.1 PurpleComplex is the theme you have been waiting for to join the Dark Side of the Force. It is a simple and clean design using a darker palette that is easier on your eyes during a late night forum trolling--I mean moderating. This theme also includes some AdminCP theme changes for a more unified experience between the front- and back-end. Installation Instructions: 1. Unzip the archive to a location on your computer 2. Login to your ACP 3. Go to Customization > Themes 4. Click the "Add Theme" button 5. Select the XML file from the unzipped archive and click "Install" CKEditor Installation: 1. From the Themes page of ACP Click Edit (Pencil icon) 2. Go to Editor 3. Select: Upload a new skin 4. Choose the included archive: PurpleComplex-CKE_editor-skin.zip
  5. Clear Cookies and refresh your page. If that does not work, delete SimplyPro from your community. Download the theme from the download page again (I just uploaded the theme to ensure nothing is missing) and upload once more to your board. If that still does not work, could you please PM me your Community link?
  6. SimplyPro now works with!
  7. Apologies for the lack of posts in this thread. Demo links have been fixed and some minor update have been added to the currently available download.
  8. The .PSD file(s) of the branding images will not be made available for purchasers of SimplyPro to preserve the low cost of this and other themes. If you are still interested in having a customized logo consistent with the look and feel of SimplyPro, I would be more than happy to discuss a few options with you. PM me
  9. This is a support and recommendations topic for my theme: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7520-fj4-redcomplex/
  10. Please use this topic for support and recommendations for my IPS4 theme:
  11. Please use this topic for support and recommendations for my IPS4 theme:
  12. F. John

    Design Legion

    My name is John. We are Legion (I am a lone Theme Designer). I have been working on IPS products since 2009. I pride myself on making professional themes at a fair price. If you are looking for a minimal theme, I'd be happy to look into it. In the meantime here are a few examples of my Minimalist approach:
  13. ​You do not have to renew IPS Marketplace Items. You can manage your purchases here: http://community.invisionpower.com/clients/purchases/
  14. May I request an option to show the pop up on certain pages?, for instance I want it on my home page which is a Content page not the board index.
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