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IP.Comernce -> Upgrades / Group Move


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We like the new abilities of IPS4 Commerce, it is really nice product, much nicer than 3.4.x version, however we would still look for some sort of changes in upgrade system.

For now the upgrade.downgrade system allows to up/downgrade to package from same category of lower or higher price. We would really look for option where we would be able to Multi-Select which packages specified package may downgrade or upgrade to, no matter it is in same category or not. That brings much more flexibility and allows to organize the store front better.

Similar story to move to new group on e.g. purchase. We would love to be able to select group to which we move on purchase and to which we move back upon expiry. For now it simply returns to previous group, but if we would like to move to other group to keep ex-customers sorted we have no such ability. Sorting this via custom action is also nto good as leaves mess in data of return previous group and in case of renewal by Customer and another expiration he gets moved to wrong group then.

Making us able to select where really we want to move Customer upon expiry would be much better solution. Hoping to see the change soon in Commerce. Great work anyway.


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